Handspinning is an ancient craft, once industrial, which is
enjoyed today as a satisfying and rewarding hobby.





Handspinning is an ancient craft, once industrial, which is enjoyed today as a satisfying and rewarding hobby.

Most people feel that spinning is very therapeutic and furthermore there is an end product to show for their endeavours. Spinning tuition is offered for individuals or small groups, all necessary equipment including wool and fleece is provided.

Hand spinning is ideal for anyone interested in traditional arts and crafts, or is looking to learn a new hobby that is both creative and relaxing.

The intention is to explain the history and development of spinning, the different types of wheels and sundry equipment.

Basic and luxury fibres are explained, and the fleece used to demonstrate and practise is from my flocks of Shetland sheep (in a wide range of natural colours), the Angora Goats (Mohair) and the Alpacas.


Handspun yarn as available or to order, all in natural colours. All fibre used is produced at Sandyacre to ethical standards and avoiding the use of chemicals.


with links to tradition…


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Gill Downey
What a wonderful day we had with Juliet. Such patience while my friend Helena and I soldiered on. The course was well constructed and informative – very good value for money. Now I’m investing in a spinning wheel of my own and can’t wait to get on with my to my new hobby.

Gill Downey Parkgate, Cheshire

Lynn Field
Juliet is an inspiring teacher. Her knowledge of and enthusiasm for her craft has prompted me to take spining to the next level by investing in a wheel. The day was constructive and fun! Theory in the morning, spinning in the afternoon and feeding baby goats during lunch!

Lynn Field Birmingham

Lizz Dockerty
Thank you Juliet for a wonderful day and for being so generous with your time, patience and knowledge. I look forward to the arrival of my wheel this week to begin putting into practice all that you have taught me! A very worthwhile day and excellent value for money. Thank you.

Lizz DockertyLincolnshire

Anne Procter
Juliet is a natural teacher who has the patience and focus to give you 100% of herself all day ensuring you leave knowing how to spin, and more importantly the areas you personally need to work on to coach yourself to success. I had a wonderful day with a teacher is exceptionally generous with her knowledge, Thankyou

Anne Procter North Yorkshire


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